Online-System EESy®


Online order for downstream network operators


As a downstream network operator at Thyssengas, you can conveniently order your exit capacities at the interconnection points between your own network and ours. Start your online order via the menu item "Online Order for Downstream Network Operators (internal order)".


Online incorporation of entry and exit points to balancing groups


As a shipper you can incorporate entry and exit points at which you have booked or auctioned capacities via the capacity platform PRISMA primary to balancing groups accounts provided if they are not capacities from day-ahead or within-day auctions. Capacities acquired on the netpoint VIP NCG-TTF-L or Zevenaar cannot be managed here. Start the incorporation from the menu item "Online Incorporation System".


Portal for end-consumers


You, as an end-consumer connected to our network grid, will find your company details and contact data of reference persons in the portal. With a log-in to the portal you have the possibility to set up or change your stored company data at any time and manage your 24/7 contacts.